Name a Star Gift Tin

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Name a Star Gift Tin


This touching gift gives you the opportunity to name a real star! Find out all about stars and astronomy. Just follow the simple instructions – register online or by post. An out of this world gift!

Each Gift Tin contains...

  • Welcome Letter
  • Your Gift Explained
  • Gift registration form
  • Star Details leaflet
  • A History of Stars leaflet
  • Stars Facts & Figures leaflet
  • Stars & Astronomy booklet
  • Constellations souvenir poster

Additional information

  • Your Star Deed certificate displaying your chosen star name will be dispatched to you within 28 days.
  • It is not possible to grant legal ownership to a star but you – and you alone – will have named it!
  • The magnitude (brightness) of your star is listed on your Star Details Sheet which forms part of this gift, along with your star’s co-ordinates.

Product Code: 150802

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